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6. ​Run-In


When using the machine for the first time, it must be run-in. In addition to when using the machine for the first time, the machine must also be run-in if it has not been used for a long time or if using it in a low-temperature environment.


When performing a run-in, make sure that the cutting tool and cutting material are disengaged. If the cutting tool and cutting material are not disengaged, an undesired area may be cut.


1. Close the front cover.

2. Press power button.

The LED light turns on and initialization starts.


3. Start the VPanel.

Windows 8.1

1. On the Start screen, click aroow

2. On the Apps screen, click "VPanel for SRM-20."


Windows 8

1. Right click on the [Start] screen.

2. Clickaroow[All apps].

3. Under [VPanel for SRM-20], click the [VPanel for SRM-20] icon.

Windows 7

1. Click aroow"Start" menu.

2. Click [All Programs] (or [Program]) - [VPanel for SRM-20] - [VPanel for SRM-20].


If VPanel is started with the machine's power turned off, the following screen is displayed. Press the power button and click [Retry] to start VPanel.


4. Clickaroowin the top-left of the screen, and click [Maintenance].


5. Click [Confirm] tab.


6. Click [Start] next to Idling.

* The operation takes approximately 10 minutes.


Once run-in operation is finished, click [OK] and close the [Maintenance] screen.

The machine is now set up.