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2. Installation

​Removing the Retainers

Retaining materials are attached to protect the machine from vibration during shipment.

  • Remove all retaining materials. Any that remain may cause faulty operation or breakdown when the power is switched on.
  • The retaining materials are required when moving the machine to a different location. Store them carefully so that they do not get misplaced.
警告WARNING Carry out these operations before you connect the power cord.
Inadvertent powerup may result in pinched hands or other injury.
警告CAUTION Under no circumstances move the spindle unit or table with your hands.
It may cause a breakdown.

1. Make sure the power cord is not connected.

2. Detach these retainers (4 places).

When removing the retainers, manually move the table slightly toward the front of the machine.


Do not connect the machine and the computer at this time.
Make sure to make the connection by following the procedures.