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2. Installation

​Installation Precautions

警告WARNING Unloading and emplacement are operations that must be performed by 2 persons or more.
Tasks that require undue effort when performed by a small number of persons may result in physical injury. Also, if dropped, such items may cause injury.
警告WARNING Be sure to perform operations as specified by the following instructions, and never touch any area not specified in the instructions.
An unexpected operation of the machine may cause injury and burn.
警告WARNING When you lift this machine, hold the part of figure below.

Be sure to read the booklet “Read this first.” before installing the machine.

Install in a quiet, stable location offering good operating conditions. An unsuitable location can cause accident, fire, faulty operation, or breakdown.

​Installation Environment

Unsuitable installation sites

Following locations can cause malfunction or poor cutting quality.

  • Locations subject to large fluctuations in temperature or humidity
  • Locations subject to shaking or vibration
  • Locations where the floor is tilted, not level, or unstable
  • Dusty locations
  • Locations exposed to direct sunlight
  • Locations near air-conditioning or heating equipment
  • Locations where it is difficult for heat generated when using the machine to escape
  • Locations exposed to water or moving air
  • Locations exposed to considerable electrical or magnetic noise, or other forms of electromagnetic energy